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A blog?

Why randomly start a blog? A blog about a variety of subjects?

I have always loved to write and since graduating have missed having a way to share my ideas. Also the fact that I have a wide range of interests and thoughts about differing topics, though most of my post will generally be related to music, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment in some aspect.

I spent my summer abroad and had somewhat of a travel blog while I was there. I enjoyed having that outlet to express myself even if it was just recapping my days. I find it interesting to learn about different things through the eyes of others.

For years I have loved watching YouTube videos, as well as reading blogs, though I have never been confident enough to make my own YouTube videos or channel. I feel as if a blog is an extension of a persons YouTube channel. By reading other individuals blogs it allows you to understand ideas in another way. If it is just another persons perspective on a product or their way of organization.

I am hoping that this becomes an outlet for me to express my opinions and share ideas with others. Slowly I will get the hang of it and find what I truly am most passionate about.

Lets see how this goes…


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Who am I?

Samantha Lauren.

Born and raised in Northern California with the dream to move to Los Angeles and get my dream job. I could go on and on about things I like or my schooling and history but really the more I start blogging and writing the more my personality will show and the posts will become a reflection of myself. I think that really is better than anything I can truly explain.

But if you want a general idea of who I am here it is…

  • Twenty something year old
  • College Graduate with 2 BAs
  • Member of Delta Zeta Sorority
  • Jewish
  • English
  • Former dancer and competitive soccer player
  • Love of fashion, entertainment, travel and performing
  • Love the color pink and sparkles
  • Obsessed with television and music.
  • I can be hyper at times and very talkative or I can be one of the quietest people ever
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