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Social Media Obsessed

2015 is here and social media has become a way of life. It is incorporated into everything we do whether or not we realize it. There are hashtags on-screen during TV shows and sports games. Social media is a way in which everyone is connected and updated on various topics. It allows individuals to connect with others who enjoy similar ideas and topics.

Like many things there are pros and cons to the social media era and the different platforms involved. The generations who have grown up with social media are more connected via them and feel lost when they don’t have the ability to be connected.

I personally am always active on Twitter and Instagram. Though I go on Facebook all the time but I don’t tend to post much anymore. I think it becomes a personal choice and which social media platform is more suited to your personality and interests.

If I picked my favorite platforms I would definitely chose Twitter and Instagram.



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Top 3 Memories of 2014

In about 10 minutes it will be the last day of 2014. I’ve always been someone who loves photos and reflecting on memories from the past year. This year though has definitely been a crazy insane roller coaster ride. Though through it all I managed to pick my ‘top 3’ favorite moments of 2014 along with many of my favorite Instagram posts of the year. (Top 3 is used very loosely as you will soon see.)


  1. College Graduation. Its an accomplishment for everyone. I’m proud to say I’m a college graduate and that I completed my studies in 4 years, even after transferring schools for my final 3 years. Accepting the fact that I have completed my schooling and accomplished a dream I set for myself when I was younger is so crazy. To come out at the end of it with so many memories, my best friends and 2 Bachelors degrees definitely makes it one of my favorite moments of 2014.

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  1. My summer abroad and travels. I was lucky enough to spend two months abroad in London after graduation. It was the most amazing summer ever and I constantly wish I could go back. London was such an amazing place and always had new things to explore. This summer though also allowed me to travel to new places I had only ever dreamed of going. I was able to spend a weekend in Scotland and a day in Paris. Paris was completely mesmerizing and I still can’t believe that day happened. Before I travelled back to California I went and spent 3 weeks in Durban, South Africa. It had always been a far off idea to travel there and actually going was incredible. I could honestly talk about my summer and travels forever. I loved it all and am so thankful they happened.

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  1. Concerts. I am a music lover and one of my favorite places is to be at a concert. This year I managed to go to 7 concerts and see a total of 18 different artists. I even saw 3 artists twice (Little Mix, Demi Lovato & One Direction) and one group 4 times (5 Seconds of Summer). Though my favorite shows were in September when I spent my weekend in LA and went to see One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer with my best friends. Yes…I am one of those girls that likes 1D and 5SOS but they are incredible live and I’m no longer embarrassed to like them. Those were some of my favorite concerts I’ve ever been to. It was apart of an entire weekend reunion between my best friends and I. We spent three full days together in LA, went to two 1D concerts, spent a day at Disneyland, and went to Santa Monica Pier. It was definitely one of the highlights of my entire year.


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My total list of concerts this year though…

  • February: Fifth Harmony, Little Mix & Demi Lovato (Neon Lights Tour; Phoenix, Arizona)
  • April: Dan+Shay, Danielle Bradberry & Hunter Hayes (I Am Not Invisible Tour; Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  • July: 5 Seconds of Summer, Little Mix, Rixton, The Vamps, Neon Jungle, Cher Lloyd, Foxes & Ella Henderson (Key 103 Summer Live; Manchester, England)
  • September [Two shows]: 5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction (Where We Are Tour; Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California)
  • November: Usher (UR Experience, San Jose, California)
  • December: Charli XCX, Jessie J, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato & 5 Seconds of Summer (99.7 Triple Ho Show 5.0; San Jose, California)

Overall I’m thankful for everything this year brought me. It took me down many different paths but in the end I can look back and see the memories I created. Some may be good while others not. You may have to say goodbye to some friends but you can say hello to new ones. Life is forever changing and I’m slowly learning how to adapt and see it as it comes.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lets see what 2015 can bring.

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A blog?

Why randomly start a blog? A blog about a variety of subjects?

I have always loved to write and since graduating have missed having a way to share my ideas. Also the fact that I have a wide range of interests and thoughts about differing topics, though most of my post will generally be related to music, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment in some aspect.

I spent my summer abroad and had somewhat of a travel blog while I was there. I enjoyed having that outlet to express myself even if it was just recapping my days. I find it interesting to learn about different things through the eyes of others.

For years I have loved watching YouTube videos, as well as reading blogs, though I have never been confident enough to make my own YouTube videos or channel. I feel as if a blog is an extension of a persons YouTube channel. By reading other individuals blogs it allows you to understand ideas in another way. If it is just another persons perspective on a product or their way of organization.

I am hoping that this becomes an outlet for me to express my opinions and share ideas with others. Slowly I will get the hang of it and find what I truly am most passionate about.

Lets see how this goes…


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